Jessica Simpson’s baby will be wearing pink

Jessica Simpson pregnant

Fashion big wig, because that’s what we’re labeling her now, Jessica Simpson was out doing a little shopping in Los Angeles and an insider has revealed that she was… Wait for it… Shopping for pink baby stuff!

Jessica has usually been a real sharing type of celebrity so it’s a surprise that she has kept the gender of her forthcoming little angel a secret. I’ve shuffled through many sites stating matter-of-fact that this pink purchasing is definitive proof that she’s having a girl.

Well I say hold on to your sea chickens ya’ll because this may just be a reflection of her designer skillz. In just a couple of weeks NBC is rolling out Simpson’s very own fashion show called, Fashion Star and those in the clothes-know-show sho ’nuff know that only a real man can pull off pink so why pigeon hole that color to a gender bias? I mean Pink’s also a singer too…

In addition to the pink baby wardrobe, the source for People said Jessica picked up a Moses basket and “other adorable baby items.” I’ll admit the pink probably means she’s having a little girl but either way we’re excited for Jessica and her footballer fiance Eric Johnson.

Photo: Nikki Nelson/