Jessica Simpson addicted to nicotine gum, but there’s a catch

Chicken of the sea for the soul.  Jessica Simpson was on the Tonight Show with Conan Jay Leno last night and she made a rather surprising confession even by Jessica Simpson standards.  Sexual Napalm dropped a bomb by admitting that she is addicted to Nicorette nicotine chewing gum!

So what’s the big deal about being addicted to nicotine gum?  Plenty of people that have tried to quit smoking have become addicted to the device that is supposed to ween them off of cigarettes.  In many cases it’s just swapping one way of getting the drug for another.  It’ s like drinking Red Bull instead of Coffee you know.

Remeber this is Jessica Simpson, she has never smoked (at about the 3:30 mark).

“I’m chewing it and it’s like a party in my mouth!”  How fast do you think the Nicorette people were contacting her agent?  Sure they would have to get around the whole ‘helping you to quit smoking’ angle but a perfect sales pitch is a perfect sales pitch.  I have to admit Jessica looked incredible as usual.  Hats off to Jessica Simpson and her natural beauty and ability to shock us with down home simple-mindedness. 

Oh why not another pic of Jessica for good measure: