Jenny Mollen breasfeeds husband Jason Biggs in TIME cover spoof

Jenny Mollen breastfeeding Jason Biggs
This photo of Jason Biggs pretending to breastfeed from his wife Jenny Mollen to spoof the controversial TIME magazine cover is funny and silly, but it’s also a killer advertisement for Jenny Mollen’s abs! She can use this pic to launch a workout DVD empire. Seriously!

The American Pie franchise star (@biggsjason) retweeted Jenny’s (@Jennyandteets) instagram photo tweet that included the caption “Are you wife enough?”

By the way, WTF is up with that guy in the background? Super awkward score!

Jason also stopped by his and Jenny’s friend Chelsea Handler’s show to discuss ANOTHER breast sucking photo she posted on Twitter, along with the romance novel he’s writing with Heidi Montag via Twitter. You know how it goes.

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