Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Christmas time photo tour of New York City

Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a Santa hat at the Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve 2010

Let me start off by saying I was born and raised in the South, so all of The Saturday Evening Post imagery of Christmas time exists mostly in my imagination. (Although once every ten years or so we do see a sprinkling of the white stuff right around the holidays.) Even so, all of those bundled sledders, ice skaters with scarves trailing behind, and wet socks by the fireplace are as much of my idea of Christmas as someone from Pennsylvania, Illinois, or Maine.

Another omnipresent ingredient in the fabric of America’s collective Christmas unconscious are wintery seasonal scenes from the streets of New York City. Whether it’s the Snoopy balloon kicking off the holiday season during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the lighting of the massive Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, there’s something about Christmas in the Big Apple that all Americans feel part ownership of even though we may never have been in the City in December or at any other time in our lives.

So when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt began sharing wonderful photos from the streets of New York City this Christmas, the frigid urban Yuletide scenes kindled a little fire in my heart and I could swear my computer screen smelled of rock salt, coffee, and cinnamon. You might think I’m joking, but the Ghost Whisperer knows how to take candid photos! (Thanks in part to some sort of nostalgianator 3000 effects after the fact, but still.) Perhaps we should start calling her the Ghost Whisperer of Christmas Present 😉

Jennifer Love Hewitt starts her NYC Christmas tour with a cup of hot coffee
^ Jennifer Love Hewitt starts her New York City holiday photo tour with “A little morning coffee…”

So anyways, I thought I would share J-Love’s Big Apple Christmas photo adventure with all of you in hopes that it will put you in the American Christmas spirit like me 🙂 It starts off rather festiveless and just plain wintery, but stick by her side and soon you’ll be basking in all the wonderful Noeltrulescencee!

OK, everybody sing along…

Deck the blog with Jennifer Love Hewitt
Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la la

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a New York City cab
^ “I love being bundled up, in a cab,with no idea where the day will take me…;)”

Gothic Cabinet Craft building in New York City
^ “Love the buildings…”

Jennifer Love Hewitt's photo of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
^ “Happy holidays….”

Jennifer Love Hewitt at an open market in New York City at Christmas time
^ “At an open market… So fun! Ummm who is that guy? Lol”

New York City buildings in winter time photo from the street
^ “Could this city be more amazing!…”

Lady Gaga's boudoir window at Barneys of New York City photo
^ “The lady gaga window at barneys!”

The New York City Cartier store wrapped in red Christmas ribbon
^ “Cartier store wrapped up like a package.. Yes please!;)”

Tiffany and Co. Christmas window display at their New York store
^ “Tiffanys Christmas window! heaven!”

**** It should be noted that I emptied a can of Hate-Away on this post, so if you’re thinking of leaving a spiteful comment you might begin to feel nauseated and anxious. (If it works like the label promises.)

Top Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt volunteers to serve food to the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission on Christmas Eve in 2010. Credit:

Song: “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Frank Sinatra