Jennifer Garner Is STILL Pregnant – Exclusive Sonogram! D’OH! It’s A Girl!

****Well crap! As soon as I finished this post I read that Jennifer Garner just gave birth to a baby girl! That’s what I get for trying to write about a ticking time bomb. Anyway – congratulations to Ben ‘n’ Jen! You owe me one!**** (Update 1/13/09 – Little Garfleck’s name has been revealed! Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. Not ridiculous! Good job mom ‘n’ pop!)

(Here’s the article just as it would have looked if Jennifer Garner was still pregnant)

Trying to set the world record for longest celebrity pregnancy, actress Jennifer Garner is still providing room and board for Violet’s future little sister or brother. Once again, our amazing paperazzo has pulled off the impossible and obtained an exclusive sonogram taken earlier today!

Jennifer Garner sonogram

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