Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas and… Tiger Woods?

Tanya Douglas and Jake Pavelka

It’s been eleven days since the blond 24-year-old landscape architect Tanya Douglas dropped a bomb in an interview with WILN radio show host Steve Kramer by not only claiming to have been The Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s girlfriend during and after taping of the show, but describing for him in detail the proof she had to back up her allegations! But, all we got was a sneak peek snippet that didn’t really go into any detail about the specifics and a promise that we would eventually be able to hear the entire two-hour-plus interview.

But, perhaps in honor of The Academy’s choice for Best Picture The Hurt Locker, the bomb Tanya dropped turned out to be ticking. And ticking. And ticking… The release of the audio interview is reportedly being held up by some sort of legal agreement allowing Tanya to first find a larger “stage” to tell her story, at which point the interview will be made available through WILN. That “larger stage” is believed to be coming early this week in a Star Magazine article spotlighting Tanya.

I’m just like 95% of people that paid attention to all The Bachelor drama in that I’m kind of bored with it at this point, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I like this Tanya Douglas and I’m gonna stick around if only to see how things play out for her. Why do I like Tanya? She comes across as a really bright young woman with a good bit of marketing savvy and if she is telling the truth I think she has the potential to explode Jake’s image and emerge unscathed on the other side. (Am I subconsciously obsessed with The Hurt Locker?)

In other words, I feel like a celebrity minor league scout and I like what I see! I made some critical comments previously about the fact that Tanya had added a bunch of glammy studio pictures of herself to her landscape architect site, replacing some fun, candid shots that had a really nice, professional feel. (It didn’t help that those image files had names that included “jakepavelkaexgirlfriend” in them.) Well, she has made what I think is a wise choice by reverting back to the more professional look with only one of the glam shots remaining on her resume page. (And it’s more fun than glammy.)

Anyway, I’ve managed to write a lot without saying very much here, so I thought I would toss out a little tidbit that might spark a few internet fires. In her online portfolio, which can be downloaded at TanyaLDouglas.com, it mentions that Tanya worked as an intern for Beau Welling Design in Asheville, North Carolina from May of 2008 to August, 2008. Among the list of things she did while an intern was: “Produced golf course construction documents for project to begin construction in 2009.”

Beau Welling Design was responsible for the design of The Cliffs golf course in Asheville, which began construction in 2009 and is scheduled to be completed in 2012. Beau Welling is also involved in the design of courses in Dubai and Mexico. And what do all these courses have in common? They are the first three courses to be designed by Tiger Woods Design.

That’s right! Tiger Woods Design hired Beau Welling back in 2007 to work on the Al Ruwaya Golf Course in Dubai, but he was also named the lead architect on the Mexico and Asheville courses. It sounds as though Tanya Douglas did an internship where she was essentially working for Tiger Woods! Of course I don’t think this is anything more than coincidence, but it does seem odd that Tanya never mentions Tiger Woods Design or even The Cliffs golf course in particular, even though it is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated golf courses to ever be built!

Maybe this connection will help add a little fuel to Tanya’s explosion this week. Hurry up with that proof!

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