J. Crew in a hairy situation – invents manty hose?

J. Crew hairy legged model

A visit to J. Crew’s website will make you think the fashion retailer has invented the world’s first pair of manty hose as it features what appears to be a very hairy legged model! Has J. Crew gone guerrilla feminist on us, or was this episode of “When Hairy Met Sally” just the last act of a disgruntled employee? Sadly, the answer is neither.

Upon closer inspection you will see that these are just lace tights that look exactly like hairy legs from a distance:

J. Crew lace tights that look like hairy legs from a distance

Zoomed view:

J. Crew lace tights that make your legs look hairy from a distance

So if you want to keep those guys across the bar at bay but impress the ones that get within a few feet, these manty hose are for you1

(via Dlisted, Gawker)