Israel Loves Gospel According to Paul

Paul McCartney performed In Tel Aviv Thursday in a move that will most certainly guarantee peace between Israel and Palestine.

Paul McCartney in Tel Aviv

The 66-year old singer and guitarist, most famous for fronting the 70’s super-group Wings, performed both of Wings’ hits in addition to a number of songs from his days with Ringo Starr’s band. sent McCartney revised lyrics to one of his many many, many, many, many hits from the last 30 years, but there is no word if he unveiled “Ebony and Israeli” at the concert.

Uncannily similar to Paul McCartney attempting to feed the hunger for real rock and roll in Israel, his ex-wife Heather Mills is trying to feed the hunger for real food by donating $1 million worth of soy chicken cutlets, soy hot dogs and soy hamburgers to poor children living in the Bronx. We’re guessing both attempts left a lot of people still hungry.

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