Is The Bachelor Jake Pavelka actually a ladies’ man?

The Bachelor Jake Pavelka and girlfriend Christina Haney
The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka and one of his girlfriends Christina Haney in 2005

UPDATE! 3/4/2010 Jake Pavelka cheated on Vienna Girardi after he proposed marriage

Season 14 of The Bachelor is just one crazy rumor after another! First, there was the Rozlyn Papa sex scandal with producer Ryan Callahan, which got Ryan fired and Rozlyn booted from the show. (ABC continually hinted there was something diabolical going on, but no one has been able to confirm much more than flirting.)

Second, Reality Steve basically leaked the entire season on his blog, which sparked a lot of interest in Vienna Girardi, which in turn uncovered all sorts of skeletons in her closet! There was a rumored boyfriend, some topless photos and then an article in US Magazine with her ex-husband Josh Riley and his mother claiming she cheated on him while he was overseas, stole $5,000 from his account for a boob job and locked up all his stuff and wouldn’t tell him where!

Now there are rumors about Jake himself that are getting some attention. During his time as a contestant on The Bachelorette and later as The Bachelor himself, Jake presented himself as a good Christian guy that couldn’t get a date, and when he did he could never seem to get a second one. He’s supposedly the poster child for “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

But, a woman claiming to be an ex-girlfriend posted Jake’s dating history on Fans of Reality TV back in October, which reveals hard luck Jake to be anything but. At the time there wasn’t very much interest in the information, but recent details revealed about Jake seem to confirm the timeline so it’s getting renewed interest from behind the scenes fans of The Bachelor.

Jake Pavelka hugs girlfriend Christina Haney in 2005
Christina and Jake again from 2005

Here is Jake Pavelka’s dating timeline submitted by fly.girl24 (cleaned up and edited a bit, and not including his high school sweetheart.):

• Christina Haney 2005 – Jan 2008
• A [sex] buddy until April 2008
• Me [flygirl] May, 2008 – October 2008 (broke up with me then cause ABC called for The Bachelorette)
• Dated a few other girls until the show
• Dumped by Jillian
• Started dating another person until he got the call that he was The Bachelor (2 weeks prior to The Bachelor announcement) during which time he continued to call me

So much for “Dateless Jake!”

Frustrated fans of the show are finding some solace in the information, seeing it as a potential reason why Jake has developed such a fondness for the universally despised Vienna. (Not being all that serious about the show, it would make sense Jake would wind up with the one he could have the most fun having a fling with.)

These dating competition reality shows are obviously not completely “real,” but they are risking a great deal by not doing a better job of vetting! I think there has been one actual marriage resulting from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Maybe it’s a catch-22 to hope that someone who was genuinely kind-hearted (and attractive!) would not only be single but would also be willing to allow their search for a loved one take place on a television show in such a silly format. What do you think? Is it possible? Does it really matter?

UPDATE – A new woman has come forward claiming that she dated Jake just prior to the taping of The Bachelor and says they were still together during the taping and just after! Her name is Tanya Douglas and she reportedly has a whole lot of evidence proving he claims. Listen to her sneak peek radio interview HERE and find out all about this 24-year-old landscape architect from Marianna, Florida HERE!

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