Is Mariah Carey playing fireman now?

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A little music for this post (you’ll find out why).

The stage, the stage, the stage is on fire.  We don’t need no water let Mariah Carey save us?  It looks like having a 478 octave vocal range and amazing curves aren’t Mariah Carey’s only attributes.  She can put out stage fires too.  Don’t divas had have roadies and assistants for that kind of dirty work? 

Miss Glitter was getting ready for a show in Egypt (see the pyramids along the Nile) when an electrical fire broke out under her feet.  This information came to the United States via the Twitter news reporting agency.  Here are Carey’s Tweets about the Middle East burn of 2010.

They have old school radio stations in Egypt that play Freak Out!?!  I think we’ve found our news angle here.  Thankfully Mariah was on her “feet” and put the fire out with a towel without “freaking out.”  As a news reporter she was also considerate enough to provide us with a photo of the charred remains:

Well it’s kind of hard to make out what we’re looking at there.  I am going to guess a stage pass and ear buds for an I-Pod.  At the end of the Last Waltz Scorsese asks Robbie Robertson about why The Band will no longer be touring and Robbie says “The road is a God da*ned impossible way of life.”  He should have tried being Mariah Carey I say.