Is John Asher Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new man?

                  Hewitt                                         Asher                                     McCarthy

The Ghost Whispering  Jennifer Love Hewitt is at it again with a quick rebound from her breakup with Jamie Kennedy.  Who is her new man, the lucky new guy who gets to love Love?  The inexplicable John Asher.  Yes the Ex-Husband of Jenny McCarthy and father of Jenny’s son Evan.  This guy must have some secret, something he should share with the rest of us.  Check out that image above, one of those three do not belong.

What are John Asher’s claims to fame other than dating smoking hot Hollywood starlets?  Well he played Gary on USA Network’s Weird Science.  He directed ex Jenny McCarthy in the classic film Dirty Love that centers around Jenny McCarthy’s toilet humor, and the completely forgettable Kounterfeit featuring Hillary Swank.  Well now it makes more sense that women are lining up to get a piece of Asher.

Hewitt met Asher when he made a guest spot on a recent episode of The Ghost Whisperer.  People magazine has confirmed that the two are an item.  People’s source stated:

“They are dating.  They’ve been spending a lot of time together and are having fun. He showers her with attention and is helping her move on from her breakup with Jamie Kennedy.”

Looks like Asher will be the new man vajazzling Hewitt’s vajayjay (the creative decoration of a lady’s hidden nation).  This clip never gets old so here it is:

Mr. Asher please let us know your power, if you sold your soul to the devil I think it may have been worth it.