I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Update – Who Was Eliminated

I still don’t think I fully understand the concept of this show, but thanks to the fame-mongering Hillsian couple known as “Speidi,” I don’t have to understand. Heidi Montag (Pratt) and husband Spencer Pratt made good on their numerous threats/promises from episode one and quit the show, amid self-aggrandizing quotes like “I’m too big of a celebrity to go through this stuff.” Spencer is obviously playing around – Heidi I’m not so sure about. That either means she’s as dumb as she looks, sounds and acts or she’s really smart about how to appear dumb. I don’t have the time to figure it out, so I’ll just go with “stupid is as stupid does.” If you consider Heidi and Spencer to be two human beings, then it’s two down and eight to go!

Here’s the updated Contestant chart, minus the douche and the hiney:

Spencer and Heidi are the first to go on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

And don’t forget the add-ons Frangela (I’m guessing these two will soon follow Speidi’s lead and be the second couple to quit the show. Ol’ Frangela just doesn’t seem well-suited to the “roughing it in the jungle” lifestyle)

Frangela survives the first elimination

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