Holly Madison executive producer, host of The Playboy Murders on ID Jan 23

Holly Madison rose to fame as Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend during the era of Girls Next Door.

Now, decades later, Madison is ready to expose some of the more unsavory stories about the Playboy brand… and this time, it includes murder.

Holly Madison, Girl Next Door

The Girls Next Door ran for 6 seasons from 2005-2009. Over 91 episodes, cameras followed as Holly Madison and fellow Playmates Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt navigated life living in the Playboy Mansion.

Bridget, Holly and Kendra with “Hef” during Girls Next Door (2005-2009)

Fans of the show may remember the series being fun and irreverent, possibly even causing some to dream of making it to the mansion… but according to Madison, it was all a façade.

Telling  “Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald”:

They make it look like Bridget is, like, plying all the new playmates with drinks to mess them up for their shoot the next day because she’s jealous. Which isn’t what she said at all, but they cut and paste it. So it looks like she’s literally trying to, like, shove shots in everybody’s face because she wants to sabotage. And I think that’s messed up and borderline illegal.

The Playboy Murders

Unflattering edits are one thing, but the stories surrounding Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion go even deeper and much darker.

Madison is ready to expose just that.

Executive producing and hosting a six-part docuseries for Investigation Discovery, The Playboy Murders will begin airing January 23.

The official description states that “The Playboy Murders is an anthology series recounting murders and mysteries that intersect with the world of Playboy.”

The trailer promises to expose “a world full of secrets” surrounding a brand that had a “decent into darkness.” Shocking claims not everyone knows the true story about… until now.

Girls Next Level

Despite all of this drama, some good news is that Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt remain friends… in fact, they’ve combined forces again to produce a podcast, aptly titled Girls Next Level.


Fans of Madison can catch her on the Girls Next Level podcast, as well as January 23 at 10/9c for The Playboy Murders on ID (or stream on DiscoveryPlus.)

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