Breaking: Has Jailed Rapper Husalah Been Stabbed? Is Husalah Dead? The Jacka Tweets It’s A Hoax

Rapper Husalah

Rumors on the net are spreading like wildfire that rapper Husalah has been stabbed in prison and is possibly dead. At this moment there is no confirmation from any reliable source concerning Husalah’s current status. Starcasm will update as more information is known.

Husalah’s anxious fans have been scouring the ‘net to find the truth after websites like The Purple Cuffs reported, without citing sources, that Husalah has passed away. However, the Jacka, who has collaborated with Husalah, tweeted that the reports that Husalah is dead are lies. Is this another internet death rumor like the one that circulated yesterday about Jeff Goldblum?

The Purple Cuffs reported today:


Husalah, who’s MySpace states his real name as James Ratliff while lists his real name as Bob James, is from the Bay Area, and his hometown is Pittsburgh, California. In his early career, he was part of C-Bo’s Mob Figaz. At the time the rumors started, Husalah was serving time in a prison in San Pedro, California. No one is sure why Husalah was sentenced, but many believe his charges involved drugs and/or probation violation. Husalah has a distinctive, gritty sound that has inspired many devoted fans.

****UPDATE 2/30/09 – I tracked down a couple messages on Mistah F.A.B.’s twitter account that suggest Husalah is not dead. (Still no confirmation though) Here are the tweets:

Husalah is not dead

Husalah is not dead

Here are the album covers and track listings for Husalah’s albums:

3 Da Hard Way (2005)

6042741. (Intro)
2. Rock the Cocaine
3. N****s Doing to Much
4. Mobsh*t
5. Me My N**** Hus
6. Wont Make It Home
7. Mob Life
8. King of the Block
9. High Up
10. Have Yo Azz Lay Down
11. Ride Like We Ride
12. Shame Sh*t Everyday
13. Mob Wit the Best
14. Shower Posse
15. THe Game in the New Nwa

Dope, Guns, and Religion


1. Intro
2. Mobstars
3. Why Im A Gangsta
4. Project GTA
5. Projects
6. 4 Music
7. Rick James B*tch (Feat. Keak Da Sneak & Clyde Carson)
8. Frozen Heart
9. Dope Fiend Spirits
10. Through The Night
11. Allah Forbid
12. Beastin Out
13. Cake Up (Feat. Rob Lo)
14. So Ill So Dope
15. Sawh Pahw Allah
16. Funky Fresh
17. Rainman
18. Shock The Place (Feat. Jacka) (Age 15)
19. Bonus Track
20. Outro

Huslin’ Since Da 80’s


1. Mamaco
2. I’m A Wild Child
3. Husalah Shine
4. Talk It Out
5. Fighting The Feds
6. Get Paper
7. Yea Baby
8. Gear
9. Pretty Young Thang
10. Street Story (Feat. The Jacka)
11. I Fell In Love With Crime
12. It’s Kinda Hot
13. I Want To Be A Husalah (Feat. The Jacka)
14. Stupid Dumb
15. Before The Dope (Feat. Pretty Black & More)
16. How I’m Livin’ (Feat. The Jacka & Fed-X)
17. Ripper
18. Reason Why: Street Version

Tonka Boyz

10172311. Husalah Intro
2. Cuttin’ It Up – (featuring Hollywood)
3. Hussalah Freestyle
4. Being Down Is My Diesel Fuel
5. Rims Is Olda Than Me
6. Sittin’ Tonka
7. Husalah Interlude
8. Terrorist In Da City – (featuring Jacka)
9. That Go
10. You Ain’t Us – (featuring Yukmouth/Jacka)
11. What Chu Know About
12. Ya’ Momma – (featuring Dubee AKA Sugawolf)
13. High Up
14. Two-Door Mob
15. Husalah Interlude Freestyle
16. B*tch Dat’s B-Luv – (featuring PSD)
17. Laid Back Slap