Has Angelina Jolie had botox and/or a mini-face lift, or is she too thin?


On multiple recent occasions Angelina Jolie has been photographed with weird bulges that look like protruding muscles or strange bunches of skin where her jaw meets her neck.

It turns out that according to several doctors who spoke to US Magazine, these peculiar protrusions might be attributed to botox, a mini-facelift or even thin skin from having very little body fat.

A Dr. Elie Levine says she’s probably undergone Botox since her forehead is unlined, which is unusual even for people much younger than 34-year-old Angelina. Dr. Levine goes on to speculate that she could have had Botox injected into her neck as well.

Dr. Andrew Jacano says she might have had a mini-face lift and the skin wasn’t pulled far enough back, and yet another doctor, Dr. Lyle M. Back, believes her skin has been thinned out from having less than 10 % bodyfat, making it much easier to see defined muscle protrusions.

Jolie has always been very thin, but over the last three years she’s shrunk down even further. She’s pretty recently breast-fed twins, Vivienne and Knox, and suffered the loss of her mother three years ago this January, which she’s attributed to her weight loss. Her brother also says that Angelina’s ideas about food have changed with her involvement in helping third world countries, and when she visits there usually isn’t enough food for her to eat, so she abstains.

So, back to the weird protrusions on her neck, it’s probably true that she gets Botox now and then, and that she’s extremely thin. Has she had an invasion plastic surgery procedure like a face-lift too? What do you think?

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