Haley Joel Osment Victim Of Photoppression

Just because Barack Obama has been elected president, that doesn’t mean there aren’t shameful instances of discrimination that still need to be addressed. Actor Haley Joel Osment (you know, the kid in every movie made between 1999 and 2003 like The Sixth Sense, Pay It Forward, AI, and Secondhand Lions) has had to sacrifice his time and efforts for the last five year trying to get IMDB to update his profile photo, time that could have otherwise been spent making decent movies.

This is a chronic problem in Hollywood, and has been a cancer on the careers of such child stars as Macaulay Culkin, Ron Howard, and Bart Simpson. Haley is 20 years old now! He’s almost old enough to drink for goodness’ sake! He deserves the respect he demands! Well, Haley, let us be the first to start living in the present and leave the past where it belongs. We are going to officially update our profile picture of you. No longer will you be the little kid with the boyish face, but the 20 year old big kid with the boyish face, more hair, and the slightest hint of sideburns.

Haley Joel Osment the youngerHaley Joel Osment the elder

We were also going to update Gary Coleman’s Diff’rent Strokes photo with one taken this year, but we couldn’t tell which was which.

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