Gone With The Wind It Like Beckham? David Beckham Plots Return To Europe

The L.A. Times is reporting that AC Milan’s chief executive Adriano Galliani is trying to do whatever it would take to keep superstar David Beckham in Italy. The superstar midfielder has been playing with the club “temporarily” while still under contract with the L.A. Galaxy of Major League Soccer, which begins its season on March 9.

David “Madoff” Beckham was the subject of headlines in 2007 when he reportedly received a five year contract worth over $250 million in salary and endorsements. The goal was to improve public awareness of US professional soccer and they succeeded – with a handful of teenage girls in England. Stories are swirling in the British tabloids that David’s wife Victoria (formerly Posh Spice of the Spice Girls) has already been seen looking at potential houses and schools in Italy. Fans of the L.A. Galaxy are in an outrage over the story, and both of them are threatening a boycott this season if Beckham leaves the team.

David Beckham and soccer never really stood a chance int he alleys of America

Only two days removed from the Super Bowl, it’s easy to convey the contrasting levels of American interest in the two footballs. This past Sunday featured a thrilling game with hilarious commercials and the 3-D crotch antics of a rocking Bruce Springsteen, whereas the Soccer championship game was exciting enough as a soccer match, but the festivities were exclusively sponsored by ShamWOW and halftime featured the 3-D crotch antics of Michael Bolton.

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