Glory Johnson sparks outrage for posting about fitness goals days after delivering extremely premature twins

Glory Johnson Body After Baby Post

Like many women — especially those who make livings in careers related to their bodies — WNBA star Glory Johnson is on a mission to get back into pre-pregnancy shape ASAP. What is troubling to some people is that Glory announced her plan while her twin babies remain in NICU after being born at 24 weeks just 10 days ago.

Glory, who conceived via IVF during her brief marriage to Brittney Griner, announced on Instagram earlier this week that baby girls Ava Simone and Solei Diem were born on October 12. Each baby weighed just 1 lb. 7 oz. when they were born, but Glory said they were proving to be fighters “just like I am.” She later posted another picture of her in the hospital and added it will be some time before the babies are able to go home.

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In the time since then, Glory’s been released from the hospital and is attempting to get back to life by getting her hair cut and making a workout plan for when she’s cleared to exercise. In the caption for the picture of her stomach posted earlier today (at top, with added overlay), Glory said, “6 Days After the C-Section . . . Lets see if I can Bounce Back #CantLiftForSixWeeks #FingersCrossed #CravingAGoodWorkout #TwoWeekUpdate #GLOJOsWorkoutPlan Who’s with me?”

It seems Glory is moderating comments on the post because, although there are references to judgemental people, all of the reactions seem to be positive. (Save for the latest one that slid though, where the person said, “Huge fan. But I’m more worried about your sweet girls.”) However, the concerns of some people are showing up in the comments section of a People story about Glory’s Instagram post

“Umm, does anyone see anything wrong with her hashtags? I seriously can’t with this person… Her babies have a very long fight ahead of them,” one said.

“Our daughter (our 4th child) was born in 2013 weighing 1 lbs 7 oz, being delivered 12 weeks early,” another commented. “My figure was the last thing on my mind.”

“What is wrong with this woman? Posting selfies and hashtagging about crossed fingers and a workout while her infant daughters are fighting for their lives? Seriously, she has to be mentally off,” another said. And the rest of the comments say about the same — or worse.

In Glory’s defense (I’m really trying here!), she probably can’t be at the hospital 24/7 and exercise may be the best way for her to calm her anxiety about the babies. What do you think about her post?

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