Fun Fact Highlights from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – The Lost Footage


Tonight Bravo! aired some lost footage from the premiere season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here are some fun facts we learned tonight about the Hot ‘Lanta big-spenders. They’re really not that earth-shattering:

  • Kim treats her kids like friends because she wants them to tell her about boys they likes or girls that are mean to them.
  • NeNe and Sheree have a history of feuding.
  • NeNe and Kim went to party the night NeNe wasn’t on Sheree’s guest list, the talked sh*t about her all night.
  • Kim’s lifestyle is 100% supported by Big Poppa (and now Bravo!)
  • Kim looks FABULOUS is a sailor hat. She should wear one all the time.
  • Kim called NeNe evil, and even sent her a text that said she was evil and a “low budget b*tch”
  • During the “Watching What Happens” reunion NeNe screamed at Kim “Trash! Trash! Straight hooker!
  • Kandi Burruss is gonna record with Kim ?!?!? (I hope she’s getting a big check for this.)
  • Lisa is putting out her own clothing line to rival Sheree’s (This actually pretty exciting, because at least Lisa knows how to WORK.)
  • NeNe will be exploring who her real father might be.

~ Carrie Glass

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