Full cast of Teen Dad special revealed, plus how to get tickets!

MTV's Teen Mom Teen Dad Special with Dr. Drew set to film May 29

We made a post earlier about the upcoming MTV Teen Dad Special with Dr. Drew based on a couple tweets by Teen Mom‘s Gary Shirley, but now we have more information about the show including the list of which dads will be appearing and how you can get tickets to watch the taping!

The show is being produced by On Set Productions and according to their web site the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 dads that will appear on the show are:

Gary Shirley, Ryan Edwards, Tyler Baltierra, Jo Rivera, Adam Lind and Corey Simms! That’s all of them except Andrew Lewis (who Jenelle has basically admitted isn’t Jace’s father anyway). This is really going to be an amazing show! It doesn’t film until the end of the month so that means we should get some sort of update on Corey’s issues with Leah and his relationship with Amber Scaggs. But perhaps what I’m most looking forward to is whether or not Dr. Drew still has a powerful crush on Ryan!

(It’s interesting that the boyfriends have been left off the list, especially Kyle King who is reportedly getting pretty darned serious with Maci! But, I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere and these are the fellers who actually are the dads.)

Here’s the description from onsetproductions.com:

Dr. Drew will sit down to hear the stories of these young dads who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young DAD. On Memorial Weekend, this special will include Gary, Ryan, Ty, Jo, Adam and Cory one on one with Dr. Drew.

The special will be filmed in two segments on May 29 in New York City and if you were wanting to attend either taping (or both?) then here are the details on how get tickets:

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“DO YOU WANT TO ATTEND THE MTV TEEN “Dads” SPECIAL IN New York City? We are giving away FREE tickets to be part of the audience for the filming of the MTV’s Teen “Dads” Special in New York City. This show is taped continuously, so we divide the day up with 2 audience call times. This is not 2 shows, but the same show divided in morning and evening sessions. Tickets are Free and available exclusively to our members, but space is limited so hurry and apply for your ticket. You must be 16 years old or older to apply for this show.

“After your ticket request is submitted, some members, NOT ALL, will receive an E-Ticket via email prior to the show. Check your email daily to see if your request for tickets was accepted. Simply print out your ticket and bring it with you to the show. Not a member yet? Sign up today, it’s easy and it’s Free. You must be a member to apply for tickets to this or any of our shows.”

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So who are you looking most forward to hearing from on the special? Take the poll!


(I guess I have to vote for Corey because there are so many question marks with his situation right now, but otherwise I think Adam’s take will be the most entertaining.)