Fear and Loathing on MySpace: Courtney Love Invents Gone Ho Journalism

Courtney Love as Hunter S ThompsonClearly Courtney Love is ahead of our time. Her stream-of-conciousness ramblings are an ultra-edgy combination of 1337speak and IMglish (see – I can’t even talk about it without sounding nonsensical!) that we’re all laughing at now, but C. Love will have the last laugh when she receives her first Pulitzer. CoLo is the Hunter S. Thompson of our age, taking what seems like maniacal mind vomit to the level of fine art. (A “hole” new level) The outrage of her journalistic peers like Perez Hilton are only further evidence that she has left them in her angelic dust.

A visionary like Courtney is often hard to digest for those of us used to the artistic and grammatical mores of our time, but thankfully an interpreter has translated her high-roglyphics into spoken English, which is like an audio gel cap for the written horse pill that is a Courtney Love blog.

If you think you’re hip enough, check out Courtney’s
MySpace blog here.

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