Farrelly Brother Cast The Three Stooges: Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, Benico Del Toro!

Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been trying to find a studio to make their Three Stooges movie for close to a decade, and Variety is reporting that they’ve finally got a taker. MGM has purchased the WB-owned scripts and has made a deal with the company that owns the rights to America’s favorite slapstick comic trio. Already signed on to play Larry is Sean Penn and they are currently negotiating a contract with Jim Carrey to play Curly. The Farrelly Brothers are focused on Benico Del Toro as the final stooge Moe.

Starcasm is lucky to have an exclusive photo from the future set of what could either be a relatively big success or the most chastised flop in the history of the movie industry:

The Three Stooges will star Sean Penn Jim Carrey and Benico Del Toro

One person who definitely won’t be going to see The Three Stooges on the big screen? Bill O’Reilly!

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