Fake Sarah Palin Bikini Photo Is a FAKE!

Just after her VP nomination at the Republican National Convention earlier this month, a photo turned up on the internet that showed Sarah Palin in an American Flag bikini toting a rifle. The photo was later determined to be a fake. Someone had taken two separate images and photoshopped Palin’s head onto the gun totin’ bikini girl’s body. Here is the “fake” Palin photo and the “original” in a side-by-side comparison:

Sarah Palin Bikini Photo (fake fake and fake original)

Our staff here at starcasm.net has done some investigative reporting and we believe we may have stumbled onto something quite sinister. The fake is a fake! It appears someone very adept with Adobe imaging software not only photoshopped Palin’s head over the other, but before that had photoshopped the other girl’s head over Palin’s!!! Here’s the proof – the ORIGINAL bikini rifle woman. Clearly it is Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin Bikini Photo (Original original)

We can’t prove why this was done, but our theory is that it was a product of the right wing conspiracy. We have reason to believe they found this incriminating photo of Sarah Shootsalot out penguin huntin’ and enjoying some Schlitz with her brew buddies and decided to turn a negative into a positive by creating the “fake” photo phenomenon. Orson Welles would be proud.

A brilliant ploy, except for one thing…


Just like Palin in this photo, you’re BUSTED!

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