Everything Zen – Gavin Rossdale shirtless at the beach

Gavin Rossdale shirtless at the beach

When I was thirteen, my girlfriends and I would listen to Bush’s Sixteen Stone on constant repeat. “Glycerine” in particular made our toes quiver. We would suck on Blowpops and drink Sprite and dream of a pseudo grungy heaven with Mr. Rossdale (we were too stupid in the head to listen to Nirvana).  Gavin Rossdale was my Jonas Brothers.

But, unfortunately I let the days go by. When I finally sobered up from college, knocked the crusties out of my eyes and got up to look around at the wide world, Gavin Rossdale was off the radar. His wife Gwen Stefani, the former kick-ass girl my friends and I worshiped for her No Doubt funky ska-ish work, was doing some sort of nonsense rapping  in a band uniform while Gavin was a stay-at-home dad. It was confusing as hell, but I got over my disappointments in the idols of my youth turning into something completely different from what I imagined. Probably the biggest problem was that I turned into something completely different from what I had dreamed.

Now Gwen is back touring with No Doubt and things feel oddly right with the world again. I saw Gavin perform some new material on a late night talk show, but it wasn’t any good. It just didn’t have the same magic as the songs on Sixteen Stone. I’ll stick with the Bush dreams in my head and let Gavin, who looks hotter than ever, frolic on the beach with his family.

Below are more pictures, of Gavin and his fam last Saturday.

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Gavin Rossdale shirtless 8-29-09Gavin Rossdale shirtless 8-29-09

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