Even Kim Kardashian should not mess with the Bieber Army

Kim Kardashian fake tweets Justin Bieber's phone number

Kim Kardashian currently has over 10 million followers on Twitter and she made the mistake of attempting to use that influence to trick the Bieber Army last night in hopes of helping her brother Rob on Dancing With the Stars.

Kim has been present for nearly every Rob K dancing performance but she took her sibling support too far in making the following tweet to get folks to phone in votes for Rob:

The number that Kim posted was not The Biebs, it was the DWTS number you call to vote for Rob. Brother Rob is teamed up with Cheryl Burke and has been handling his own pretty well actually. Last night the duo performed a cha-cha to the song “Walk Like a Man.”

It was a cruel trick to play on the Bieber Army and folks were giving her grief over the lapse in judgment. Kim was getting tweets claiming that the ploy was tantamount to cheating etc… Girl got such a backlash from her Bieb-deception that she had to post a mea culpa shortly thereafter:

You know I have to kind of side with Kim on this one. It was patently obvious that a 1-800# wasn’t going to get you Bieber but we’re not talking about the most rational fan base. Want to look into the horror of what disappointed Bieber fans look like? Check this out!

And while Kim K’s 10 million plus followers are impressive, Bieber is rocking well over 13 million so those numbers would not be in dancing Rob’s favor if we had a Twitter war on our hands!

Kim K Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

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