DUH! Magazine Issue 4 – Special Holiday Duhble Issue! Obama, Cruise + More!

Duh Magazine with Miley Cyrus Michael Vick and Denise Richards

The fourth issue of DUH! Magazine comes with a bonus holiday insert! So not only do you get the best obvious stories on the internet, but you also receive the special “Confessions” supplement which features that which you already knew straight from the horses’ mouths! But first, here are the headlines from Duh!

Barack Obama is Time’s Person of the Year!
Time Magazine has announced its “Person of the Year” and DUH, it’s Barack Obama. What’s a little more newsworthy is that Sarah Palin was on their short list of runners up!

Miley Cyrus‘ boyfriend using her for fame

Michael Vick’s house won’t sell

Denise Richards will do just about anything for money!


Duh Magazine Confessions Tom Cruise Victoria Beckham Jim Carrey and Lily Allen



Tom Cruise:I Came Across As Arrogant.
Tom Cruise went on the Today Show more than three years after his infamous arrogantastic interview with Matt Lauer. This time around Tom was able to muster at least a little humility when he admitted that he was wrong in HOW he was completely right in the previous interview, and perhaps he could have been completely right in a more pleasant manner. That’s what we want: a kinder, gentler arrogance.

Victoria Beckham:
I was never that good a singer.

Jim Carrey:
I’m not in a recession. I’m doing incredibly well.

Lily Allen:My TV show was average.



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