DUGGAR LAWSUIT Amy Duggar’s husband Dillon King sued for 86K in back rent

Another Duggar lawsuit! 19 Kids and Counting‘s Amy Duggar is experiencing legal troubles. Her husband Dillon King’s restaurant Wellington’s is being sued for $86,000 in back rent.

Is this why her 4 year old son has to work?

Amy and Dillon King

Amy Duggar King is the cousin to the 19 Kids and Counting stars, children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. TLC followed the family for decades on several reality shows and their rebellious “Cousin Amy” was never too far behind. 

Amy Duggar is Jim Bob’s niece, her mother being JB’s sister Deanna. Recently Deanna claimed Amy’s child died and came back to life.

THE DUGGARS Amy Duggar King “setting boundaries” with “toxic” family

Sept. 6, 2015, Cousin Amy married Dillon King. The two have been featured on other reality series together including WETV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Their child, who or may not have met Jesus, is 4 year old Daxton Ryan.

Wellington’s sued for 86 thousand dollars

Posted on Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspraynews has come out that Amy’s husband Dillon is in major hot water. The chef, who owns Wellington’s Restaurant and Cigar Bar in Springdale, Arkansas with Corey Gayer and Flint Boyce, is being sued by their landlord for $86,000 in unpaid rent.


Looks like Amy’s husband is in big trouble. He’s being sued for back rent on his restaurant, Wellingtons. He’s paid some…

Posted by Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray. on Tuesday, June 4, 2024


According to the legal documents above, Hachem Investments, Inc. claims their tenants (King and associates) “failed to pay Minimum Rent in full each month.” They are seeking the damages through the Circuit Court of Benton County. The trial is on June 24.

Fans have noticed that Wellington’s is currently listed as Permanently Closed on Google.

Dax King modeling career 

Daxton King may only be 4 years old, but his parents have already put him to work. Daxton “Dax” is a model, with Dillon and Amy running an Instagram influencer account for the toddler.

Recently, Jill Duggar and the Dillard family spotted one of Dax’s photos in the wild. Turns out the 19 Kids and Counting spawn is featured on kid swings at Sam’s Club.

Is the lawsuit why Amy and Dillon want Dax to bring home the bacon, or is this family just thirsty for whatever attention they can get? Tell us on Twitter/X.

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