Dourtney made Dr. Drew and his audience uncomfortable

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are Dourtney

Dr. Drew has yet another show that’s called Dr. Drew’s Life Changers and lo and behold some of his upcoming changers of life are none other than Dourtney, also known as Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden!

The episode featuring the age-gapped lovebirds isn’t set to air until Nov 7 on the CW but thankfully the good celeb doctor released a clip that is jam-packed with awesome Stodden couch-face awkwardness. In the following peek-a-boo, Dourtney explain the (ahem) real reason why the dubious duo were recently tossed out of a pumpkin patch. The cringe worthy reactions from an audience member and Pinsky himself are priceless.

So it wasn’t the provocative clothing of a 17-year-old or the unnecessary PDA, it was those jealous wives again! Thanks for clearing that up Dourtney. Heads up! Random most recent disturbing Courtney Stodden tweet…

I like to do that just to keep you on your Dourtney toes…

If you watched the clip I know you caught the cute audience member who couldn’t contain herself as Dourtney tried to explain themselves. Well I’ve captured this unknown gal for posterity in the following, “What it looks like when you’re trying to take Dourtney seriously” GIF.

Dr. Drew Life Changers audience member laughs at Dourtney

And then there was good ol’ Dr. Drew. He’s counseled celebs struggling through rehab, Teen Moms and just about every other random celeb-in-need but even Dr. D.P. (that sounds really dirty) was unprepared for the power that is Dourtney. Drew’s whole thing is to be able to maintain a straight face while listening to some pretty crazy caca. Alas, he just couldn’t quite hold it this time. It’s not like we can blame the guy, I mean Doug was trying to convince him that peeps actually thought Courtney was a pumpkin patch princess.

Dr. Drew baffled by Dourtney

We feel ya’ Pinsky and I promise to never call you Dr. D.P. again!

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