Did Megan Fox have a nosejob? Before and after photos!

Megan Fox nose job before and after photo

Ever since her sexually intoxicating break through role in Transformers people have been asking whether or not uber hottie Megan Fox has had and plastic surgery performed. Tabloids and bloggers have speculated on everything from a nose job to boob job to lip injections to cheek filler, but through it all Fox’s rep adamantly denies that she has had ANY enhancements done.

Being the diligent journalist that I am I thought I might take on this important question and see what evidence I could find (if any) of perceptible alterations in Megan’s face or breastial area. The conclusion? There’s no doubt Megan’s lips can get a little puffier nowadays than they used to be, but since that isn’t really permanent and relatively easy to see by just googling “Megan Fox” I’m going to skip it here.

As far as a nose job goes, the best side-by-side evidence I could find is in the photo above. I think it is pretty clear that something is different between those two Fox schnozes – it looks as though she had the tip shaved and the bump in the bridge smoothed out. (With these two images I just don’t see how you can debate whether or not she’s had plastic surgery done to her nose, but feel free to disagree in the comments below!)

Cheek filler was a no go. I couldn’t see it anyway. Perhaps that’s because I have an untrained eye, I don’t know.

For the sake of history and as an aid to Megan Fox researchers worldwide (There are millions of ’em out there!), here are some tabloid covers and articles addressing whether or not Megan Fox has had plastic surgery:

In Touch magazine article addressing whether or not Megan Fox has had plastic surgery
(Click to enlarge)

In the July, 2009 issue of Life & Style magazine they make the argument that Megan has had all sorts of plastic surgery performed! In the article it says “an insider insists that Megan’s Beverly Hills dermatologist actually paid her an on-set visit to inject botox between her eyebrows.” They offer a number of unconvincing before and after shots and some speculation from a plastic surgeon but that’s about it.

Here are a couple cover stories about it. (Sorry, I don’t actually have the magazines so I can’t tell you what sort of evidence they provide in support of their arguments.)

Megan Fox New Weekly cover addressing her plastic surgeries
New Weekly magazine Megan Fox cover story.

Megan Fox Famous magazine cover
Famous magazine with the cover story “Inside Megan’s Surgery Nightmare.”

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