Did Hardy Hill Marry Trixia Angel?


That’s a giant negative. Former Big Brother participant Hardy Hill is no longer with his girlfriend of six years Trixia Angel, and is now married to another chick. After all that drama about to marry or not to marry Trixia, and five seconds later he’s walking down the isle with some other girl? That must smart a little.

Hardy’s new lady friend in matrimony who kisses with her eyes open is Pachi Lake, and they said their vows this April. You can read here where he tells OK! magazine almost nothing about it and brags about being humble.

What’s Trixia Angel up to now? Whatever it is, it has a similar characteristic to what Trixia was up to before: No one cares. With that name, she really should be doing porn.

In other news, George and Lina are presumably still together. And Lina left us a comment to tell us about her Locksmith Marketing job. Miss the final episode or want to relive it with snarky commentary and video clips? Check out our Season Finale recap!

~ Carrie Glass

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