Did Amy Winehouse’s new ‘pillows’ not break her fall?

The Q Awards 2009 - Press Room

“From the hotel to the bar-room is just a stumble and a fall, sometimes when it gets bad I’ve been known to crawl”  – Dwight Yoakam

Amy fall down again, this time it was apparently on her cosmetically enhanced breasts.  The Sun is reporting that Britain’s version of Lindsay Lohan (except Winehouse has truckloads of talent) has made boo-boos on her b00bies.  She was back in the hospital after drunkenly falling down and bruising them. Ouch!

Not only did she hurt the lady friends but she landed flat on her face cutting her forehead.  She had members of her entourage take her to the private clinic where her breast augmentation procedure was performed.  She was diagnosed with bruised ribs and kept overnight but refused to leave.  Her agent, now that person earns their salary, stated:

“She really likes the clinic so may stay a few days.”

One witness described exactly what was NOT happening at my house over the weekend:

“Amy was running up and down the corridors with her top off and reeking of booze.”

And so it goes with the soap opera and infuriating truth that is Amy Winehouse’s addictions.  Her records are dynamite, all over the best of the decade lists as a matter of fact.  As a music lover whenever you get that juice from seeing something both great and wholly original you get a personal connection with the tunes and the artist.  It’s about two weeks past anything new here with all of Winehouse’s faults.  It still doesn’t mean it isn’t heart breaking.  I wish she would just quit this sh**.  This same person you just read about did this:

She’s just so good. Amy the infuriating dichotomy.