‘Dear Fat People’ creator Nicole Arbour shares ‘Why Abortion is WRONG’ video

Nicole Arbour

After her “Dear Fat People” video garnered a huge amount of negative attention, YouTube comedian Nicole Arbour appears to be embracing the “no such thing as bad publicity” concept with yet another controversial video that has a lot of folks angry — this time about abortion.

“Today, we are going to talk about abortion, because it has been tearing up my insides,” Nicole says near the beginning, before pausing a moment to relish her own juvenile cleverness. “That was sick,” she says. “I shouldn’t have said that.” (Wait, Nicole Arbour admits shouldn’t have said something?!)

“Abortions are wrong,” she continues. “Said no smart person ever.” As you probably guessed, this is where Nicole goes off the rails. Here’s the video, followed by some quotes:

“Ironic, that the same people against abortion are the ones that should have probably been aborted.”

“I have a theory: that some kids were supposed to be aborted. And then the ones who weren’t turn into murderers and crazy people and people who think that Air Bud wasn’t an amazing movie — because it was!”

“Five year olds on ADD drugs? Really? Those parents should have been aborted.”

Nicole Arbour abortion quote

“I’m convinced that if more kids were aborted, less kids would be on ADD drugs. Not because those kids need them, but because the parents didn’t want to have kid and don’t want to have to deal with their energy.”

“It’s not like I’m some blonde comedian telling people not to immunize their children.”

“If we want less abortions, we should have less alcohol. And that’s not gonna happen!”

“Giant signs with dead babies? That makes about as much sense as people offended by fat shaming saying I’m a skinny, ugly wh0re.”

“If abortion wasn’t a thing, do you know how many NHL players would be in a lot of trouble?”

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