David Falls Hasselhoff The Wagon Again, Taken To Hospital For Alcohol Poisoning

Details surrounding David Hasselfhoff’s trip to the hospital Saturday night keep changing depending on the source. Radar online initially reported that Hasselhoff was near death with a blood alcohol level in the AL batting champion neighborhood of .36. A spokesman for the former Baywatch star then released a statement saying the incident had been exaggerated and that the hospital visit was the result of the combination of a previous illness and a moderate amount of alcohol. (???) The most recent update is from radar online, who claim to have sources close to The Hoff that confirm David was admitted for alcohol poisoning – just as they first reported.

According to the site, the Hoff was found passed out after one too many Michael Knightcaps and when he “was found by his daughter Hayley, 16, she began slapping him to wake him up. He was so drunk that he was foaming at the mouth, a symptom of alcohol poisoning.” Radar Online says sources close to the incident are concerned for the Hoff’s well-being and believe his life may be in danger if he does not seek help for his alcohol addiction.

AA Watch starring David Hasselhoff

Representatives for the German Booze Springsteen are downplaying the incident, and even going so far as to blame his ex-wife Pamela Bach for leaking the false info to the media!

Impartiality would dictate that I not take sides until the truth is revealed, but it’s hard to dismiss the alcohol poisoning story given the Hoff’s previous troubles with alcohol, which includes upwards of seven trips to the hospital for alcohol poisoning in the last few years. And then there is this video gem, which made the rounds on the internet back in ’07, that shows Hoff laying on the floor drunk and shirtless, trying to eat a hamburger without much success. (The video was supposedly shot by his daughter at his request because he wanted to see what he was like when drunk)

I hate that this blog wasn’t around back in ’07! Certainly that clip would have been the first inductee into the Alcohall of Fame!

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