Dance Group Diversity Defeats Susan Boyle And Hollie Steele To Win Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle and Hollie Steele

International overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle went home with the silver medal as the dance group Diversity took home first place and the £100,000 first prize on Britain’s Got Talent. Diversity is a street dance troupe and that’s the vibe you’ll get from the extremely creative and fun choreography! It’s not the usual synchronized booty shakin’ that haunts American pop concert tours and sporting events, but humorous and entertaining dance vignettes that pummel you with one great idea after another. Kudos to Diversity! Here are their three performances from the show – really awesome stuff!

Intro and first performance (Fast forward to the 2:00 mark for the dancing)

Semi final performance:

And their final performance:

Meanwhile, I’m sure Susan Boyle is dropping more bombs on England than the Luftwaffe (F-bombs of course). She disappointed fans worldwide when she went back to the well by performing “I Dreamed A Dream” again for the final round of competition. (That was the song she performed when she was on the first time, which made her a worldwide star literally overnight) Her second of three performances was a lackluster rendition of the most generic of song choices – “Memories” from Cats. She later blamed her poorformance of “Memories” on being ill, though there were reports that she was cracking under the intense pressure of worldwide acclaim, including a couple of profanity-laden tirades and threats of quitting the show.

Here’s SuBoy performing “Memories:”

And here is her performance on the finale:

After the winner was announced, Susan Boyle had this to say, “I want to thank the people for all the support they’ve given me, especially the people at home and people in the audience. Thank you all very much.” She was then asked if it was worth it, to which she replied, “Well worth it! Well worth it! To hell with everything!”

The other crowd favorite was ten-year-old Hollie Steele, who broke down and cried during her first performance but was allowed a second chance later in the show and advanced. She did a great job throughout the competition, but couldn’t overcome Diversity – it was their night.

Here is Hollie’s performance of “Eidelweiss” that was cut short:

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