Daily Starbuzz 7/23/09


Dustin Hoffman’s son rocks a full head o’ hair – dlisted

Listen to Wes Anderson’s “Perfect” mix-tape – COED magazine

No one really cares about Mischa’s breakdown – Amy Grindhouse

Solange is missing some hair – L.A. Rag Mag

Jude Law might have hit a lady – Accidental Sexiness

Rupert has been speaking his mind – I Need My Fix

Awww: Top ten sexy smiles – TEN Gossip

Heidi Montag is gonna sing for people in real life again! (I thought she learned her lesson from “I’m a Celebrity . . .”) the Blemish

Mickey’s so fine – Agent Bedhead

Dita gets a celebrity audience – Busy Bee

Nelly Furtado vs. Grace Jones mashup – Popbytes