Daily Starbuzz 7/21/09


Finally! Crocs are on the way out. Thanks Recession!  – Buzzfeed

Memories! Classic “Girl who took her llama to the dentist” footage – popbytes

It’s been 40 years since we walked on the moon. Will we ever go back? – Pink Sheep

Madmen’s returning! – Busy Bee

Joanna Krupa is smokin’ in Maxim – I Need My Fix

You could do your laundry on Gwen Stefani’s abs – TEN Gossip

Jack White and Alison Mosshart are bringin’ back the blues? – Agent Bedhead

Toni Collette tried out some interesting footwear – Ayyyy!

Spears takes her crimping iron to Russia! – Gabby Babble

Paris is still in the Middle East – Celeb Warship

Is Lionel Ritchie dating an alien? – dlisted

Oh no! Did GaGa murder Kermit? – Why Fame

Harry Potter star got sentenced for his pot-growin’ ways – Accidental Sexiness