Curvy Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson bikini chillaxin in Mexico

Samantha Ronson Nicole Richie bikini relax in Mexico

This edition of bikini bliss is an interesting Hollywood mix of BFFs and badonkulousness. A curvy Nicole Richie who used to be Paris Hilton’s gal-pal was photographed chillaxin in Mexico with Samantha Ronson, the former lady-friend-with-benefits of Lindsay Lohan.

While Lindsay was overseas finding gainful employment modeling and Paris was globetrotting promoting something else from her empire Nicole and Samantha enjoyed some fun in the sun down along the seashores of old Mexico. It’s hard to keep up with all these young Hollywood starlets and their… Hey, Nicole you dropped something!

Samantha Ronson Nicole Richie bikini relax in Mexico

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was rambling on about the mix-and-match relations of all these young L.A. ladies. Nicole, who’s ventured into the world of fashion design was celebrating her 30th birthday with a bunch of her buddies including, of course, Samantha Ronson. It’s hard to believe Richie is a mother of two now and I have to give her props for the fabulous shape she’s in.

Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson bikini relaxing in Mexico

These candid photos were taken in Los Cabos, Mexico, a popular resort get away for the rich and famous. I’m happy to see Nicole looking healthy and happy and doing her own thing now.

Here’s one more long parting shot of Nicole in a black two piece appearing to be having a blast. She caught a lot of grief when her frame was extremely thin but she looks great here I think:

Curvy Nicole Richie bikini body in Mexico

All Photos: / Splash News

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