Criss Angel Opens Jerk du Solame Show In Vegas

The new Cirque du Soleil show “Criss Angel: Believe” debuted Halloween night to mixed reviews. Some have said the show was a lot worse than what they expected while others have stated it was just as horrible as they thought it would be. The title “Believe” has taken on new meaning because it’s obvious audiences will “be leaving” early every night. (Click here for an incredibly well written and very detailed review of “Drug Henning’s” performance)

Criss Angel Cirque du Soleil Believe at the Luxor in Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil and the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas have invested a reported $100 million in the production and have signed Angel to a 10 year deal. D’oh! I suppose the renowned performance group had to learn their lesson about flashes in the pan at some point (They were wise enough to avoid “American Chopper: Irony” as well as “Livestrong Bracelets: Forever Around,” and now perhaps they will rethink future productions like “Joe the Plumber: Snake Trap” and “Tina Fey: Palin Comparison.”)

This is yet another shining example of someone way too full of himself given way too much money to share his greatness with the rest of us. At least Criss Angel doesn’t make it worse with self-deluding feigned humility like Garth Brooks and Kevin Costner – Angel is up front about how great he thinks he is.

We have an idea for your next trick, Criss. Put yourself in a brown bag on someone’s porch, set yourself on fire, and ring the doorbell.

****UPDATE 11/04/08 – Here’s another great bad review of the show from the LA Times.

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