Cosmo’s 2010 Bachelor of the Year is Ryan McLean from Ohio

Ryan "Mickey" McLean

Cosmopolitan has completed it’s yearly BFF service of rounding up the most datable dudes in America and presenting them to the public via their annual “Bachelor of the Year” contest.  This year’s crop of young men was a bountiful one but only one stud could rise to the top and be named Cosmo’s 2010 Bachelor of the Year.

According to Cosmo, important attributes for these men-among-boys included superlative six-packs, great personalities and sexy smiles.  Readers were given the opportunity to vote online to select six semi-finalists.  From this group the editors at Cosmo had the difficult task of singling out one single man to receive the $10,000 grand prize and a $5,000 Express wardrobe.  In a special additional twist, all of these stud’s email were provided and Cosmo invited their reader’s to, “Don’t just stare at it—these guys are Cosmo-approved and looking for love. So go ahead and say hello!”

Now on to the M-A-N among men.  Cosmopolitan’s 2010 Bachelor of the Year is Mr. Ryan “Mickey” McLean from Ohio!   Lets take a good look at our new man including his email so you can get hooked up!  First up his bio info via Cosmo:

Name: Ryan “Mickey” McLean
Age: 30
Location: Cleveland
Job: Chef
Bachelor breakdown: “I’m loyal, optimistic, and easygoing.”
Sexiest thing a girl can wear: “My Yankees hat”
Pick-him-up pointer: “Just make eye contact. It’s that simple.”
Chick traits he craves: “I’m laid-back and trusting, so I need a girl who is as well.”
Do you Facebook a girl before going out with her? “Yes, all the time.”
His perfect first date: “We’ll have a nice dinner and, hopefully, try new foods together. Then we’ll see where things go.”
Wildest place he’s ever gotten it on: “On a golf course”
Baffling girl behavior: “Why do many women seem to be attracted to jerks?”
Do you manscape? “Absolutely.”

Manscaping Mickey sat down for a brief interview with Cleveland Metromix.  From this Q&A I was able to find out some additional info about this most abtastic vision of available manliness.

First off Ryan sports his chef hat at The Flying Fig in Ohio City and he also works the front of the house at Unami Asian Kitchen in Chagrin Falls.  Here are a couple of the questions and answers from the interview:

What would you rather do on a first date: stay in and cook dinner or take her out?

Usually for a first date … going out to dinner. I think cooking dinner at somebody’s place or at my own place—I guess it depends on the situation—is kinda forward for a first date. Usually for a first date, I like more of a relaxed atmosphere in public … trying out a new restaurant or an old favorite and talking over a meal.

Let’s say you sweep the other contestants and you are crowned Cosmo’s Hottest Single Bachelor 2010 … what’s your next move?

I’m taking it one step at a time here and seeing where it goes. Six to eight months ago, I never would’ve expected for this to be where it’s at right now, so I can’t really say what the future holds. One of the questions I’ve been getting is, “so, depending on what happens, are you planning on moving?” Other than people bringing it up to me, that’s never crossed my mind. I really have no plans on going anywhere. We’ll see. A year ago today, I didn’t think I’d be standing here talking to you. A year from now or six months from now, hopefully good things can come from this and I can bring a winner back home to Cleveland.

Well he certainly did bring a winner back to Cleveland. Let’s hope Mr. McLean doesn’t abandon the ladies from the great city like that LeBron fellow did. So is Ryan as down to earth and as humble as he seems?  I checked out his Twitter page and after reading this tweet I would say yes he is!

Let’s see.  Ridiculously good looking, can cook his well-honed backside off, a gentleman that is down to earth and humble.  Yeah I’d say Cosmo readers and editors did a good job for 2010!

UPDATE: Ryan is rumored to be a contestant on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette! He’s really workin’ that hot bachelor angle.

Top Photo: Chris Clinton / Cosmo