Christina Hendricks wants to be a zombie on The Walking Dead

Christina Hendricks The Walking Dead

Apparently Christina Hendricks has the exact same fantasies as I do. What’s on T.V. out of the UK is reporting that the buxom actress cornered The Walking Dead’s special effects man Greg Nicotero begging to be a zombie. Talk about a seriously hot run-in with Officer Friendly!

Nicotero was attending the Golden Globe Awards and was approached by actresses from Mad Men about being on the show. He stated:

“I went to the Golden Globes when ‘Walking Dead’ was nominated and three of the actresses from Mad Men came over and said, ‘We want to be zombies’ and I’m looking at Christina Hendricks and going, ‘No, God, how are we gong to do this?’ So I just introduced them to Norman Reedus to distract them from the idea.”

Wait a minute, did special effects dude say no!?! He’s more of a professional than I am because I’d be working out something with the script writers involving a geek shower scene. I do suppose Rick Grimes is going to have enough problems with his wife and “that situation” (no spoilers here) that he doesn’t need the added distraction of actually wanting to get eaten alive by a walker.

Christina is a little out of the ordinary of course, but Nicotero says he gets these requests all the time. He added:

“The idea of being a zombie is great, but then you come down and you sit in the make-up chair and it’s hot and it’s sweaty. My dad who is 75 years old wanted to come down. I had to talk him out of it too!”

Dad. Blah, blah, blah. This is why shows have executive producers. Come on powers that be and make this happen!

Top Image: FayesVision – / AMC

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