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What happened to Zach and Jenna from MTV’s The Challenge? Are they still together?

On the last season of MTV's The Challenge Battle of the Exes II, an unexpected romance blossomed between Zach Nichols from The Real World San Diego and Jenna Compono from The Real World Ex-plosion. The flirtation heated up during a night out and continued throughout the season.

Some of the cast believed Zach and Jenna's hook-ups helped her stay in the game until the end. But no matter what people thought of their relationship, it was clear the two were smitten with each other. So what happened to the couple after the show? Are they still together?


BEFORE & AFTER Amy Bruckner, former Phil of the Future star, says friends don’t even recognize her now

From 2004-2006, Amy Bruckner starred at Pim Diffy in Phil of the Future on The Disney Channel. Then, after an appearance in the Nancy Drew movie, she disappeared from film. Now 24 and with some impressive experiences under her belt, she's ready to break back into the industry...but she won't be offended if you don't recognize her!

Are Madison and Tony from The Real World: Skeletons still together?

During season 30 of The Real World, the bubbly blonde Madison and the All-American Tony began casually hooking up before having "the talk" and making their relationship official. Once the two became boyfriend and girlfriend, viewers were left wondering how long their relationship would last before it came crumbling down. So, whatever happened to Madison and Tony? Are they still together?

Update on Hannah Anderson from Lifetime movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

Tonight is the world premiere of the original Lifetime movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story based on the abduction of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and the murder of her mother and brother in California in 2013 by family friend James "Jim" DiMaggion. Find out how Hannah is doing today and get her not-so-favorable reaction to the Lifetime movie! (Includes the full NBC News special one year after the kidnapping featuring an interview with Hannah.)