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Josh Duggar trial update: Dismissal on technicality still possible

If you’ve put any faith in the United States’ judicial system, you’ve got to be feeling pretty stunned and confused today. And while the Supreme Court’s non-ruling on Texas’ new abortion law isn’t directly related to the Josh Duggar trial update, it’s hard not to think that Josh might actually have the child pornography charges against him dismissed on a technicality, as his attorneys have requested.


DATELINE ‘Abducted’ Magen Fieramusca faked pregnancy, murdered her best friend, and stole her baby

In December 2019 33-year-old Austin, TX resident Heidi Broussard and her new baby Margot Carey were missing. The mother was last scene dropping off her son for school on December 12. A week later her body was found in the trunk of 33-year-old Magen Fieramusca’s car in Houston, TX. Magen had been friends with Heidi since they met each other at bible camp. They attended Texas Bible Institute together 10 years ago and they had supposedly been pregnant at the same time in 2019.