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UPDATE Georgia teacher who put autistic child in trash can accused of far-reaching abuse

Mary Katherine Pursley, who earlier this week was arrested for lowering an autistic student head-first into a trash can, has been accused of a long history of both verbal and physical abuse. She's on paid administrative leave for the time being, but it's possible that the County will bring criminal charges against her–and there's certainly no shortage of parents willing to do the same.

Bikini grandma Patricia Ebel’s DUI arrest after crash with grandson in the car

Bikini-clad grandmother Patricia Ebel was arrested in Naples, Florida last week after she crashed her BMW with her 10-year-old grandson in the car. (There were no serious injuries) Patricia was caught on video failing a field sobriety test and reportedly told police she couldn’t stand on one leg on a good day. She was later charged with three DUI counts including driving under the influence with a BAL above .15 with a minor in the vehicle. Keep reading to see her mug shot and watch the clip.