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MUG SHOTS What happened to Diane McIver? Tex McIver verdict complicates Atlanta murder mystery

Earlier this year, prominent Atlanta attorney Tex McIver was found guilty of murdering his wife, Diane McIver, with a single gunshot from the backseat of the car in which the couple was riding on their way home one confusing September night. Despite the verdict, the trial that ended in a life sentence for the 75-year-old Tex ultimately raised more questions than it answered. So what happened to Diane McIver -- a hugely successful and wealthy member of Atlanta's business elite -- and was her death really a murder?

Mary Kay Letourneau now: Does she regret her longterm relationship with a student?

Last night A&EE's Biography network aired A two-hour documentary called "Mary Kay Letourneau: Autobiography" about the controversial decades long relationship that began when May Kay was a 34-year-old teacher and her now-husband was a 12-year-old student in the sixth grade. “[It] sounds young, I get it,” the now 56, says about Vili Fualaau, who is now 34. “He was young, I get it. Am I sorry that he’s the father of my children? No I’m not.”

Jacqueline Ades, VIDEO of woman who sent 65K texts to man after one date, wanted to ‘bathe in his blood’

Jacqueline Ades was shocked to hear that she'd sent the man she'd stalked, threatened, and harassed for months 65,000 text messages. She thought the number would be much higher. “Love is an excessive thing,” the 31-year-old told reporters at a press conference Friday about her arrest after a long, escalating campaign to harass a man who she shared only one date with after meeting on a dating app.

HEARTBREAKING DRUG SMUGGLING PLOT: Veterinarian Andrés López Elorza surgically IMPLANTED liquid HEROIN into puppies

The Opiate Crisis looms large over the United States, but it’s really a worldwide, human problem. However, this heartbreaking news story proves that humans aren’t the only victims of heroin (and other opiate/opioid) abuse. Veterinarian Andrés López Elorza was arrested in Spain in 2013 and 2015 for surgically implanting puppies with bags of liquid heroin in order to smuggle the drug into the United States, essentially turning the young dogs into drug mule puppies.

Tommie adds new mug shots to her collection: LHHATL star officially charged with battery in jewelry store beatdown

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Tommie Lee has officially been charged with battery and "substantial physical harm" in the jewelry store beatdown caught on camera earlier this year. Read on for the LHHATL Tommie new mug shots, plus details on Tommie's *other* current criminal case...

Did Morgan Freeman have a sexual relationship with his granddaughter?

In an incredibly tragic story that only becomes more distressing, the murderer of Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter E’Dena Hines claims in court that E’Dena revealed an “inappropriate sexual relationship” she had with Freeman. 30-year-old Lamar Davenport was in a troubled relationship with E’Dena before he stabbed her 25 times outside of her apartment. In addition, Lamar's lawyer has presented as evidence text messages E’Dena sent Davenport about “grandpa feelings,” and says E’Dena disclosed to Davenport and others that she and her grandfather were sexually involved.