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TRUE CRIME Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell’s mysterious death and fraud

Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime partner-in-crime Ghislaine Maxwell is somewhat mysterious. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of her with the world’s most powerful people, often with Jeffrey Epstein by her side. It was Ghislaine who introduced Jeffrey to all of these people, who gave him access to the secret world of the elite.

She is now in jail awaiting trial for aiding Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of young girls. One key to why Ghislaine stuck by Epstein’s side and participated in the abuse may be found in her father, Robert Maxwell, who owned England’s largest newspaper before mysteriously drowning in the Canary Islands. The cause of his death has never been solved, and after his death, a multi-billion fraud was exposed. The Epstein rabbit hole seemingly never ends.

The new 3-part documentary series Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell on Discovery+ dives into Ghislaine Maxwell’s life story, including her close relationship with her morally questionable father.

In an interview, Robert Maxwell was asked if the following adjectives described him: “Insufferable, ruthless, brazen, fiery, humorless, impatient, intolerant, rude”

“I plead guilty to all of it,” Robert replied.

DATELINE Someone Was Out There: What Happened to AmyJane Brandhagen and Karen Lange?

53-year-old Karen Lange was jogging at Pendleton River Parkway on August 9, 2013 when she was brutally attacked by a man wielding a metal pipe. She somehow survived after laying there unconscious for 13 hours. There is surveillance tape footage of her assault, and police were also able to locate part of the weapon. They analyzed the DNA on the metal object, and made a shocking discovery: there the same similar DNA present at the scene of a murder of a hotel maid the year before.

DATELINE The Story of Somebody – Who shot Courtney Copeland?

Shapearl Wells’ son 22-year-old Courtney Copeland died from a gunshot wound on March 4, 2016. After he was shot in the back of the neck, he had supposedly still been alert enough to drive himself around the corner to a police station for help. An ambulance was called, and his heart stopped on the way to the hospital. It’s still a mystery who shot Courtney, or what exactly happened the day he died. His mother Shapearl Wells is not giving up the fight to find out the truth. She has made waves with her award-winning podcast Somebody about the subject, and the heartbreaking case will be examined on Friday night’s Dateline episode The Story of Somebody.

KILLER COUPLES Kristi Koslow and Brian Salter – Murder for Greed

The new episode of Oxygen’s Killer Couples deals with the March 12, 1992 slaying of Caren Koslow. Two assailants broke into her affluent Fort Worth house and slashed her throat while she slept. Her husband Jack Koslow was also attacked but survived. Jack was able to make it to his neighbor’s doorstep where he showed up bloody and wearing only boxers.

For a while, Jack was considered a possible suspect since his injuries were light compared to what happened to his wife. But soon, the truth would come to light very close to home.

DATELINE ‘The Pink Gun Mystery’ Jeremy Spielbauer murder conviction overturned?

Tonight’s Dateline episode titled “The Pink Gun Mystery” is centered around a twisted love triangle turned deadly. In 2014 the body of 32-year-old Robin Spielbauer was found in a ditch. Her ex-husband’s wife Katie Phipps was initially accused of the murder, partially because her pink handgun was the murder weapon. Someone else besides Katie had access to this pink gun: Jeremy Spielbauer, Katie’s husband and Robin’s ex.

TRUE CRIME What pretending to be crazy looks like, Nikolas Cruz’s demon insanity defense

One of the best true crime content being produced is on the YouTube channel JCS – Criminal Psychology, and the latest video published is absolutely fascinating. “What pretending to be crazy looks like” is a study of how humans who have committed a crime behave when they are trying to appear “insane” to the police in the hopes of evading consequences for their actions.

DATELINE Secrets in the Smoky Mountains Robert McClancy’s poisoning staged as a suicide

At first, people thought Vietnam veteran Robert McClancy, who suffered from PTSD, had taken his own life. It took a while, but eventually, the truth was unraveled: he was murdered by his wife and his best friend, who went to great lengths to make Bob’s death look like a suicide so they could pocket his veteran’s benefits and live life without him.