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UNEXPECTED Max Schenzel says restraining order dropped, Chloe and Jessica say GTFO

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel hasn’t been able to see his daughter Ava in two years thanks to a restraining order put in place by his ex, Chloe Mendoza. In a series of Instagram posts this weekend, Max revealed that he was finally going to be able to see Ava again soon due to the order being lifted. Chloe and her mother Jessica responded by shaking their damn heads and calling Max a clown who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Max remained quite confident that he was correct. Keep reading for a full recap!

Unexpected Myrka & Ethan drama now involves blackmail, drunken photos, etc.

The drama between former Unexpected couple Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra continues to escalate this week with accusations of blackmail and LOTS of pettiness. Actually, Ethan has pretty much removed himself from the online drama and it is just four ladies going back and forth: Myrka, Myrka’s mom Liliana, Ethan’s mom Michelle, and Michelle’s sister Melissa. Keep reading for a full recap of all the latest drama!

UNEXPECTED dad Anthony Vanelli house shooting charges dropped, still facing assault with deadly weapon charge

Troubled Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli got a little bit of good news this week as the prosecutor in one of his cases elected to dismiss the charges. The dismissed charges stem from the January 15 incident in which Anthony allegedly stole his former step-grandmother’s car and then fired a gun at his former stepdad’s house while wearing a hoodie and a mask.

McKayla Adkins quits social media, will retire from OnlyFans in January

Former Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins is no stranger to dealing with negativity online. But, it seems the constant barrage of criticism from “disrespectful, demanding, hateful” people has gotten too much for the 21-year-old as she announces she is quitting all social media platforms. She says that she will also be leaving her “other website” in January, which is in reference to her successful OnlyFans account.