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UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins moves into apartment with Caelan and Timothy

On the current season of TLC's Unexpected, mom McKayla Adkins' plan to move in with her mother Shannon was derailed after a tour by her grandparents Tim and Cindy revealed that her basement living space would not provide an ideal living situation for McKayla's young son Timothy. McKayla's dreams of moving out of her grandparents' house were not completely crushed, however, as she and Caelan have since gotten their very own apartment together!

TLC UNEXPECTED Are Emiley and Diego still together? Plus, photos of their baby daughter Aria! SPOILERS

On Season 2 of TLC's teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected, viewers got to meet 18-year-old expectant mom Emiley Noack as she struggles to keep her relationship with the baby's father, 17-year-old Diego Reyes, intact -- something she is having great difficulty with thanks to Diego's horrible attitude and seemingly unending supply of disrespect for everyone around him. So what happened to the couple? Are they still together after the birth of their child? And what about those bay deets? Keep reading to find out!

EXCLUSIVE Unexpected dad Max Schenzel arrested for allegedly stealing 77-yr-old woman’s credit cards

TLC's popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected returns for a second season on August 5 with two returning moms and three new moms and dads to be. One of the new moms will be in for an extra bumpy road, however, as the father of her child was recently arrested and charged with burglary after allegedly stealing credit cards and money from his friend's 77-year-old grandmother!

VIDEO TLC Unexpected Season 2 preview trailer with 3 new moms!

TLC’s hugely popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected is returning for a second season, which should not come as a surprise to anyone. But what may be a surprise to many fans is that producers have dropped one of the three original moms and added three new ones! Keep reading to find out which moms are returning, and meet the three new moms in the dramatic two-minute preview trailer!