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UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins gender reveal video for 2nd pregnancy

It has been five months since Unexpected star McKayla Adkins found out that she is pregnant with her second child, but the prolific YouTuber had to remain silent on social media due to her contract with TLC. That all changed Sunday night when her pregnancy announcement was featured on the episode, and now McKayla is making up for lost time by posting videos updating her fans on her pregnancy -- including a gender reveal!

UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins 2nd pregnancy update, is she still with Caelan?

On Sunday night's episode of Unexpected it was finally revealed that McKayla Adkins is pregnant for a second time, which we first reported early last month. The official reveal on the show meant that McKayla could finally talk about the pregnancy online, and she uploaded a YouTube video earlier today with updates recorded over the past few months.

UNEXPECTED Did Emiley and Diego break up?

On the second season of TLC's hit series Unexpected, the relationship between teen mom Emiley Noack and her mother Britney appears to be disintegrating as Emiley gets closer and closer with the family of her baby's father, Diego Reyes. But, it may be that Diego's irreverent attitude finally turned on Emiley as well because evidence on social media seems to indicate the two are no longer together.

UNEXPECTED Tylor joins the Navy! Plus, he explains the cheating, his hair & the whole male stripping thing

Unexpected dad Tylor Strawmyer has inspired A LOT of conversations among viewers this season! In addition to openly considering a career as a male stripper (in front of Laura’s very Christian parents, no less), Tylor was also called out by Laura for cheating. Tylor has tackled all of these topics on social media, as well as explaining how he got those bald patches in his hair — and revealing that he has joined the Navy!?

UNEXPECTED Max Schenzel sentencing delayed for Rule 11 mental evaluation

As we previously reported, Unexpected dad Max Schenzel pleaded guilty in August to a felony theft charge after allegedly stealing money and a credit card from the sleeping 77-year-old grandmother of a friend back in June. Max's sentencing was scheduled for last week, but has been delayed after his attorney petitioned the court to have Max submit to a mental evaluation to determine whether he's competent to stand trial.