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Is Fixer Upper doing a crossover with the Property Brothers? Social media updates lend credence to fan request

The possibility of a Fixer Upper crossover with Property Brothers (or a Property Brothers crossover with Fixer Upper, depending on your perspective) has been gaining traction over the past few weeks, thanks to a couple of well-placed social media posts from Drew and Jonathan Scott and the fan frenzy that's ensued. Now, thanks to a curious Instagram update from Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines, it looks like those fans might be getting their wish!

How much do HGTV stars make? Tarek and Christina, Property Brothers, more earnings revealed

How much do HGTV stars make? The question is a hot one, given the increasing popularity of the network and its biggest names (and the prevalence of house flipping and home improvement in general). There's a big difference, though, between what these personalities pull in per episode of their programming and what they actually earn based on their popularity. How big is that difference? Read on to find out.

Does Drew Scott from Property Brothers have a child with girlfriend Linda Phan?

Drew Scott–one half of HGTV's famous Property Brothers duo–is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Linda Phan, and the couple have been fending off marriage rumors for almost as long as they've been serious. Recently, though, a photo Linda shared on Instagram sent waves of gossip across the Property Brothers fan community. Is it possible that Drew Scott and Linda Phan...have a child together? Read on to see the photo and find out what's going on...

AUDIO, VIDEO Drew and Jonathan from Property Brothers release two country songs

News of a Property Brothers country song broke a few weeks ago, in advance of Drew and Jonathan Scott's "At Home On The Ranch" Thanksgiving special. It turns out that the Brothers had more than just a single up their immaculately cuffed sleeves: what was a simple Property Brothers country song became two full-blown pop-country tracks, ready for your holiday enjoyment. HGTV's biggest stars have aspirations down Nashville way; read on to see what you think of their tunes!