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PHOTOS TLC to air My Five Wives polygamy special with Brady Williams and his family

If you thought eight was a large Brady Bunch, then just wait until you meet TLC’s all new Brady Bunch with a total of 30 family members! Following in the successful footsteps of their Sister Wives reality series, the network will be airing an hour-long special titled My Five Wives on September 15 starring polygamist Brady Williams, his five sister wives Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda, as well as their 24 children!


Who are the Dargers? Polygamist Joe Darger married to twin sisters

After the Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives found fame by exposing their taboo lifestyle on television, it opened up a possibility in the minds of Americans that polygamist families can be very modern and happy. Last year year the Darger family came out too, giving television interviews, and publishing a book about their family called Love Times Three.

Sister Wives: Robyn’s debts almost keeps the family from being approved for home loans

On last night’s Season 4 premiere episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, the family dealt with the stress of going through pre-approval for home loans so they could move forward in buying the four lots in a cul-de-sac they had their eyes on. The family has been living sort of far away from each other ever since they moved to Vegas, and wanted to have closer living quarters so their children could be able to spend more time and bond with their siblings. They worried about potential problems with Jenelle’s credit, but it was Robyn’s debt from her former marriage that really had the family worried.


‘Sister Wives’ Brown family sues to make polygamy legal in Utah

Although all Utah criminal bigamy charges have been dropped for the Sister Wives‘ Brown Family, it still is a third-degree felony in the state to just say you have more than one wife (as in, not filing the legal documents, but having “spiritual” marriages like the Browns have.) Because of that, the Browns are fighting back, and have filed a lawsuit against Utah in an attempt to get a “federal judge to overturn the state’s bigamy law as unconstitutional.”

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown once moved away, almost left Kody and her sister wives; has a difficult relationship with Meri

The Brown family from TLC’s Sister Wives recently published a very honest and open book called Becoming Sister Wives about the complicated history of their lives in a plural marriage. There’s a lot of great stuff in there, but one thing that’s making a lot of headlines is Janelle’s revaluation that in the eighth year of her marriage she moved away from the family for several years.

A guide to the Sister Wives’ Brown Family’s business ventures!

The Brown Family of TLC’s Sister Wives fame have 22 mouths to feed (17 kids, 4 wives, and one dad/husband,) and have had to move from their home in Utah to four separate residences in Las Vegas, Nevada because of a threat that their family may be broken up due to state laws. First wife Meri lost her job after they went public with their life, Robyn left her job to join the family, and the main breadwinners Jenelle and Kody had to leave their jobs behind when they moved. Their move and living expenses afterwards came mostly from what supposed to be their retirement savings, and many of the kids are nearing college age. Soo, how does this huge family support themselves?